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My version of Greensleeves builds on Mason Williams' re-interpretation of the traditional song. You can also see an HD video of Greensleeves, containing my version of the music married with some interesting stock footage.
Greensleeves HD video of Greensleeves

This is the first movement of a suite I'm writing about the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I played all the orchestral parts using a sampler keyboard.
Iraq, First Movement

This is a piece for piano, cello and oboe. I played all the parts, using a keyboard for the cello and oboe parts. The piano is a real acoustic grand piano.
 Wistful Summer

This is a piece I wrote back in high school. Some of the themes are simple, but it still has some interesting harmonic motives. I played all the orchestral parts using a sampler keyboard.
A Suite

This is a jazz version of a popular Christmas carol. I played all the instruments except the drums, playing the sax part on a keyboard.
Carol of the Saxophone Bell

A while back they had a contest to collaborate with cellist Yo Yo Ma. He provided a cello recording. Here is my production. All the parts except the lead cello are played by me.
Dona Nobis Pacem

This is a piano piece that everyone calls "new age", but I've been playing it since the 1970s, before there was a new age piano style. I was inspired by the improvised solo piano of Keith Jarrett, though this doesn't sound much like him.
 Piano Improvisation

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