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Welcome to the MusicByVance site. I set up the site to share recordings I've played on, mainly of music I've composed. Some of the recordings are of reasonably high quality, but many are not. I hope you enjoy hearing a fuller sampling of the music throughout the process of making it.

After you finish listening to some of it, I hope you'll take the short survey to tell me what you liked. You can take the survey by clicking on the button to the left with the word Survey in red.

Recent Projects

Here's some holiday music. My version of Greensleeves builds on Mason Williams' re-interpretation of the traditional song. You can also see an HD video of Greensleeves, containing my version of the music married with some interesting stock footage. From a few years ago, you can hear my Carol of the Saxophone Bell, a jazzy riff on Carol of the Bells.

Here's a recent remake of an instrumental piece I wrote in the 1980s called State of Siege. Still just a demo, not a final version.

Here are a couple of recent demos. First, here is an early demo of October Skies, a rock tune with a progressive rock interlude in the middle. It has vocals on the choruses, but no vocals on the verses. Next, here is an early demo of Kathy's Climb, a jazz fusion tune.

A while back I had some medical problems and was pretty sick (I'm fine now). When I was feeling bad, both from the illness and medication, this tune really resonated for me, and I recorded it. I've remixed it and added some sax tracks (yes, I played a real alto sax), but all the basic tracks were recorded while I was ill. I played all the instruments except the drums and sang the vocals (my voice is dubious even when I'm not sick).
What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding

Current Projects

I'm in the process of recording an album of Chapman Stick music. The album will include drums, alto sax and Chapman Stick. I have some very rough demos of a couple of the tunes on the Chapman Stick page.

I'm also playing with a progressive pock band called Gekko Projekt. You can hear early versions on the Prog page.

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